5 Steps of the Fastest Way to Clean the Home Carpets

Carpet cleaning in the house is one of the hardest housework, especially with the accumulation of dirt on the carpets, and this is especially so in the case of tea or coffee stains on the carpet, or adhesion on frankincense carpet. 

Here, in five steps we will show you the fastest way to clean the carpet in the house, whether dust or cut frankincense on the carpet or suspended dirt on carpets.

The Fastest Way to Clean Carpet Without Washing

It is a long period of winter, and carpets are loaded with a lot of dust, especially with the current times that the spread of dust storms with the transfer of dust into the house. So home carpet cleaning is the most important household weekly work, and the ways to clean carpets in the house without the need to transfer carpets is vital. Also, carpet stain removal  itself and the carpet material clean at the lowest possible cost is too necessary. Carpet Cleaning suggests that it is required that you apply the steps of cleaning carpets, whether carpet wool or just rug carpets.

First of all to reduce the amount of dust in the carpet in the long term, you should use the vacuum cleaner at least once a week, to get rid of dust in the carpet, either for the parties or the carpet at the entrance to the house to which you use a regular broom to clean.

Carpet Cleaning Method for Frankincense Stain

  1. If there are pieces of gum or dirt being difficult to be removed, you use a cloth wet with hot water but without using a lot of water so as not to spoil the carpet. If it proves abortive, consult with a reliable professional carpet cleaning services for assistance.
  2. The best way to clean the pieces of frankincense from the carpet and get rid of glue or other sticky spots: Use ice cubes to clean and remove the frankincense from the carpet. The gum is immediately removed from the carpet, restoring its normal appearance before the ugly stain.
  3. Take care of the edges of the carpet especially, and it is one of the most places that may hang dirt and dirty carpet, and in the case of difficulty to reach the edges of the carpet easily, rather use the additional parts and tools that come with the vacuum cleaner in carpet cleaning.
Clean and Remove Carpet Stains

How to Clean and Remove Carpet Stains

First, to get rid of the annoying and offensive smell from the carpets and how to clean carpets without water, you need to use baking soda by spraying it on the carpet and then distributed on the carpet and leave for 10 to 15 minutes,  and then, get it finally cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner.

  • If there are colored stains on the carpet, you can use white vinegar with sodium bicarbonate to clean the carpet easily without using water.
  • For tea stains, coffee stains on the carpet, chocolate stains, tomato patches or other hard-to-remove materials, use white vinegar and water and simply wipe the spot with a cloth, taking care not to use too much water to clean the carpet.

Especially if the stains are stubborn and defies all of the remedies outlined in this article, quickly resort to carpet cleaning in Mordialloc whose professional touches will give the last answer to it.